Vangroup's Vision: Reaching out to Vietnamese to promote Canadian and US education by working as committed facilitators who build bridges between aspirations and achievements thus helping students to choose the right career pathway.

Vangroup's Partner Network: Vangroup has successfully represented 148 Universities, Colleges, Institutes, Academies, Language Schools, and School Boards across Canada; and an increasing number of educational institutions in the US.

Vangroup provide local expertise and have local language and cultural understanding and knowledge for its clients and business partners.

Vangroup maintains highest ethical standards and compliance program to communicate its commitment to uncompromising integrity in accordance with the corporate values, and to ensure compliance with all applicable laws/rules/regulations.

  1. Administration Team
    Vangroup's Administration Team is friendly and always here to help you. With the highest level of care you can be sure that your files progress well. For more information, please contact: info@vangroup.ca
  2. Accounting Team
    Vangroup's Accounting Team is working hard to make sure your financial matters, including invoices, receipts, payments or refunds are always correct and current. For more information, please contact: accounting@vangroup.ca
  3. Legal Team
    Vangroup's Legal Team is here to guarantee you that all cases are processed with highest ethical standards, and compliance with all applicable laws. For more information, please contact: legal@vangroup.ca